“Before, I could not even buy shoes for my children, now I can send my children to school.”

Juliette Zida, Burkina Faso


Trickle Up helps the poorest graduate out of extreme poverty. Women, people with disabilities, people from rural areas, indigenous groups, and refugees are our focus because they are disproportionately affected by extreme poverty. They are also the most likely to be beyond the reach of government and other anti-poverty NGO programs.


Trickle Up implements a program called Graduation to help people take a series of steps on the path toward greater economic self-sufficiency. In our program, women are carefully selected and form savings groups of other women in their village. They receive a small seed capital grant to start business activities. They learn to save, access credit, build skills and support one another as peers. Each woman also receives one-on-one coaching – important for building confidence and developing livelihood plans for the future.

To make this work happen, Trickle Up works in partnership with local organizations, global institutions, and governments, focusing on how to scale what works.




Stabilize Your Family

A small grant helps pay for short-term food and medical expenses during lean times.

Plan and Build A Livelihood

Women obtain a business grant and training, identify opportunities, and plan a livelihood.

Connect and Save in Groups

Women learn to save together in groups and gain a social support system.

Invest and Grow

Women access credit to grow their business and build financial and social capital.

Find Your Voice and Use It

Women become decision-makers at home and influence their local communities.